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We’re Australia’s largest distributor of Subaru and Lexus wreckers, and we will never be beaten on price.

There are no spare parts for Japanese cars that we can’t get our hands on for you, to provide you with Australia’s best selection when it comes to Japanese wrecked car spare parts.

We specialise in Japanese Car spare parts and has been our forte for over 10 years.

The Japanese car spare parts has been our forte for over 10 years. At General Japanese Spares we have connections worldwide, including Japan, so we can offer you any kind of car spare part or particular spare part that you desire for your car.

Right here on our user-friendly website you can view our existing inventory of wrecked cars with their spare parts available and Japanese car spare parts. We update this on a regular basis so that you can always keep abreast of our special on-line offers.

Aside from our unbeatable selection of spare parts, we are also in possession of spare parts for some expensive, high end luxury cars that will knock you off your feet! If you are looking for a prestigious Japanese car spare part of a specific make or model, or have some special requirements that we can help you with, don’t hesitate to get in touch as we promise not to leave you disappointed!

However we can help you our customer service is always second to none and guaranteed to surpass your expectations.

Get your next Japanese car spare parts from General Japanese Spares and you’ll feel perfectly content with every dollar spent on your swanky upgraded new ride with our spare parts as it zips down the open road, that’s a promise!