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Honda Wreckers for Used Japanese Car Parts


Japanese cars are the most popular and highest selling cars in the world.

The names like Honda, Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Suzuki and Nissan are sufficient to create an image of highly efficient, powerful, sturdy and luxurious cars.

Being produced, imported and used in great numbers, spare parts for Japanese cars are always in high demand. There are two ways of getting quality Japanese cars spares: 1) buying or ordering online new spare parts from dealers or authorised shops and 2) sourcing old or used spare parts from car wreckers.

The main difference between the above two is that in the former you get new parts with the customary guarantee or warrantee, in the latter you get used (but perfectly working) parts without any guarantee or warrantee. Another difference is the price. New parts obviously cost more due to inclusion of customs duty, freight, shipping charges, and taxes. Used spare parts do not invite little overheads and so are cheaper.

The work of car wreckers is to take apart old or damaged cars, and extract and sell reusable spare parts. A car wrecker normally specializes in dismantling particular brands. For example, Honda Wreckers deal in Honda cars and similarly a Mazda Wrecker will supply Mazda parts.

By wrecking the most popular Japanese cars, car wreckers not only provide essential spare parts at highly discounted rates, they also support the cause of environment. People usually have aversion to used parts because of the tag ‘old’ attached to them. However, the term ‘old’ should not be construed to mean completely unusable. Spare parts extracted from a car recently bought but damaged in accident are as good as new.

General Japanese Spares is in the business of importing and supplying all sorts of spare parts for Japanese cars. They are also leading Honda wreckers in Australia.